I’m a film school graduate, but on the upside, I have plenty of real world experience editing and creating online video.

why entry level jobs aren’t entry level

Since 2021, I’ve had the pleasure to work as lead video editor for the edutainment YouTube channel Answer in Progress. It’s a pleasure to work on these videos and help create entertaining and interesting material for a large audience to enjoy. 
“Joe is a dream to work with! He is fast, independent, and a great communicator in a time of remote work. He follows editorial direction to a tee, but also brings a clever voice and strong insight into digital culture. His participation has improved the quality of every one of our collaborations” - Sabrina Cruz, Director of Answer in Progress
Short Films
While at University I made several short films and worked on many more in the roles of Director, Writer, Editor, Sound Designer, and Composer
The entire experience was so much fun and I really fell in love with the process of filmmaking - especially having the chance to work with Calling the Shots for Channel 4 Random Acts, making 'Christmas At Mum's' with my friend Ben Davies.
For more films I've directed, check out my Vimeo profile.

Red Jumper (2017)

Mug (2021)

Search Bar (2017)

Joss Stone World Tour Videos
I've also had the pleasure to edit multiple charity promotional videos as part of the Joss Stone World Tour project. It was challenging and rewarding to create compelling narratives out of unstructured raw footage in this way. The videos are currently unreleased.
A spin-off from the FilmSmash Podcast, these are entertaining video "essays" covering a variety of media topics in the most ridiculous ways possible. I work on them with my friend Jack Liddy, and so far we've pulled apart the 2020 Dracula series, explained why The Cat in the Hat was actually about Coronavirus, and refused to pick a favourite Doctor Who episode.

COVID-19 and The Cat in the Hat (2003)

The British People Who Loved Texas

Like everybody nowadays, I've had several attempts at running YouTube channels, and this was probably my favourite. Educationalish was a series of short, educational videos about entirely useless information.
I ran through some ridiculous place names in the UK (Pity Me is a personal favourite), tried to articulate how 'Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo' makes sense, and took a deep dive into the Anglo-Texan Society.
I really enjoyed researching and making these videos, and I hope someday soon to return to it when the right topic comes along.
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